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2018 BiMUp 5D Software - (Size - 40.1MB, Version: QL01)
2017 BiMUp 5D Manual - (Size - 6.2MB) - Manual
2016 BiMUp 5D QuickStart Tutorials - (Size - 1.8MB) - Tutorials
2016 BiMUp 5D Length - (Size - 0.7MB) - 3D Model and more...
2016 BiMUp 5D Area - (Size - 1.5MB) - 3D Model and more...
2016 BiMUp 5D Volume - (Size - 1.6MB) - 3D Model and more...

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BiMUp 5D

SketchUp Version:
- SketchUp PRO 2018
- SketchUp MAKE and PRO 2017
- SketchUp MAKE and PRO 2016
- SketchUp MAKE and PRO 2015
- SketchUp MAKE and PRO 2014
- SketchUp MAKE and PRO 2013

OS Compatibility:
- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

- English

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BiMUp 5D 2018 – Full Version and 14 Days Trial Version – *.ZIP File


BiMUp 5D – Manual – *.ZIP File

BiMUp 5D – Quick Start – Tutorials – *.ZIP File


BiMUp 5D – Quick Start – Length – *.ZIP File


BiMUp 5D – Quick Start – Area – *.ZIP File


BiMUp 5D – Quick Start – Volume – *.ZIP File


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